What is it?

Intensive phonetics training is a series of professionally developed pronunciation exercises. These exercises are carried out in a fun and playful way, embellished with comical phrases and a remarkable combination of sounds, are not only memorable, but, most importantly, will provide you with joy and correct pronunciation!

For whom? 

Intensive phonetic training is mainly intended for people who:

  • Have only just started learning Polish and want to immediately pick up correct pronunciation habits;
  • Have a problem with pronouncing Polish sounds, making it difficult to understand their speech;
  • According to the teacher’s indication.

How to apply? 

All you have to do is apply in the school office. Intensive phonetics training can be organised for a whole group or individually. All arrangements are made with those who’re interested.

And the price?

  • 1h (60 min.) – 100 PLN
  • 1 lesson hour (45 min.) – 80 PLN.
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