Hi there,

My name is Violetta Kunicka-Kajczuk and I have been a lecturer and the owner of the Polish Language School for Foreigners KLUB DIALOGU for the past 8 and 2 years, respectively. It is a school filled with passion, which has taught Polish (one of the most difficult languages!) for over 15 years.

Due to our many years of experience, we have our own original method of teaching, that has already helped over 2,000 foreigners, as well as our textbooks that are rated highly by students.

What is our original method based on? It is based on natural mechanisms of memory and association, which increase the concentration and efficiency of the brain. We place great emphasis on the living aspect of communication. Thanks to this approach, our students:

  • Have confidence to speak in Polish;
  • Naturally absorb a particular batch of material that is remembered better and is more permanent, and learning becomes a pleasure, not an obligation;
  • Begin to use their newly acquainted language skills in everyday life.

We would like to remind you, however, that you cannot learn a foreign language if you do not have the right motivation. Our methods stimulate your own motivation, but nobody can learn for you.

Trust us and try us!

Best of luck,

Violetta Kunicka-Kajczuk

We are happy to say that 99% of our students give us the best reviews and recommend us to their friends. Here is one opinion of many: 

Edward do Metodyki
Edward from Australia
I am beyond impressed with Klub Dialogu. Not only did the courses help me reach level B2 from a complete beginner in only 8 months, the teaching staff have nurtured real friendships among us students and provided multiple opportunities to speak Polish outside of the classroom with native speakers. Klub Dialogu is more than a school – it’s like an honorary polish citizenship. If you’re looking for polish courses in Poland, you couldn’t make a better choice. 
Cheryl do Metodyki

Cheryl from the U.S.

Klub Dialogu is the place to learn Polish in Warsaw. Teachers are talented, creative and patient. Our lessons are never dull! The administrative staff is always accommodating, working hard to make sure you have a schedule that works for you. The school offers more than just language courses, Klub Dialogu you’ll find a real sense of community and loads of support so you feel comfortable not only studying, but speaking Polish!
Vaka do Metodyki
Vaka from Island
I am very impressed and highly satisfied with Klub Dialogu. I have taken classes with many teachers at the school who all share the same passion and drive in teaching. The office staff is very friendly and helpful. The school focuses on having small groups, which creates a calm atmosphere as well as giving every student a good opportunity to practice their conversational skills. I would recommend courses at Klub Dialogu for anyone who would like to study the Polish language.
Zhao do Metodyki
Da Xuan from China
Lubię KLUB DIALOGU, ponieważ kiedy uczę się polskiego czuję się komfortowo i moja lektorka jest bardzo przyjacielska. Uczę się w KLUBIE DIALOGU już rok. To moja pierwsza szkoła i już nigdy nie chcę jej zmienić. Polecam wszystkim!
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