Do you dream of learning Polish? Are you looking for a Polish language course that would take place in small groups in the centre of Warsaw? Great! KLUB DIALOGU organises such classes! They take place in our school at Aleje Jerozolimskie or at a place agreed with the participants. Thanks to our courses, we quickly break down communication barriers, and the student begins to freely speak, write and read Polish.


LevelDescriptionDatesHoursDurationPriceModuleSign Up
at school
SURVIVALTUE, THU5.15 - 6.45 PM14.09 - 19.10710 zł32-lessonssign up
2 (A0+)
(3 x a week)
SURVIVAL +MON, WED, FRI7 - 8.30 PM14.09 - 19.10710 zł32-lessonssign up
3 (A1.1)
(2 x a week)
BEGINNER (3)MON, WED5.15 - 6.45 PM16.09 - 9.11710 zł32-lessonssign up
4 (A1.2)
(2 x a week)
BEGINNER (4)TUE, THU5.45 - 7.15 PM15.09 - 5.11690 zł32-lessonssign up
6 (A1.4)
(3 x a week)
BEGINNER (6)MON, WED, FRI7 - 8.30 PM2.09 - 7.10710 zł32-lessonssign up
7 (A1.5)
(3 x a week)
PRE INTERMED. (7)MON, WED, THU5.30 - 7 PM3.09 - 8.10690 zł32-lessonssign up
8 (A2.2)
(2 x a week)
INTERMEDIATE (8)MON, WED5.15 - 6.45 PM16.09 - 9.11710 zł32-lessonssign up
at school
regularTUE, THU7 - 8.30 PM27.08 - 20.10PROMOTION!
690 zł
32-lessonssign up
11 (A2.5)
(2 x a week)
INTERMEDIATE (10)TUE, THU7 - 8.30 PM15.09 - 5.11710 zł32-lessonssign up
w szkole
certificate preparation B1wt, czw18.30 - 20.301.09 - 8.10850 zł37- lesson hourssign up


  • For people whose heart is connected with Poland
  • For people associated with business and work with Poles
  • For students who want to study in Polish schools and universities
  • For enthusiasts who want to learn the language and culture of our country


First of all, we want to teach you how to communicate freely in Polish and help you overcome communication barriers, which is why we have precisely divided levels into smaller modules to best match students according to their language skills. We also guarantee that learning will start immediately after the group gathers (min. 4 people).

1. Adjust the course level to your needs

We recommend taking a language test before starting the classes. It will allow you to check your level of Polish language skills and match a group with an appropriate level of sophistication. Such a test does not oblige you or cost you anything. Everyone can find a course for themselves.

2. Meet us at school!

Do you still have doubts? Do you want to see our school and get to know the teachers before you decide to enroll on a Polish language course? We understand this perfectly! Therefore, we invite you to KLUB DIALOGU for a chat. Call us on +48 664 788 004 or just come and tell us what we can do for you. We are happy to know your needs and expectations. We will do our best to fulfill them. Meeting with the teacher is free of charge.

3. Start learning at any time

In our school KLUB DILOGU, there are Polish language courses for foreigners at all levels throughout the year. It is enough for a group of 4 to 8 people to gather. So don’t postpone it; take advantage of your internal motivation and start your adventure with the Polish language right away.

4. Learn in the very centre of Warsaw or … wherever you are comfortable

Learning Polish as a foreign language in Warsaw has many advantages. The main location is obvious. KLUB DIALOGU is located in the very centre, so you can easily get to classes from anywhere in the city. Lessons can also take place outside of school, in a place chosen by the group. It can be, for example, a workplace or your favourite cafe. You can learn with an aromatic latte. Sounds nice?

5. Invite your friends to study together

Inviting friends to learn Polish together is a great idea! You will spend time together, deepen relationships, learning and motivate each other. And you can use and deepen acquired skills after class. Together, you’ll simply get more out of the course. If there are at least four of you, we will open a group especially for you! A small number of students will give enough attention to each person. Visit KLUB DIALOGU and see for yourself!

Group courses

32 lesson hours (45 min.) module
Standard (4 – 7 people)710 zł
Mini Grupa (3 people)920 zł
Duo (2 people)1260 zł