At KLUB DIALOGU School, we offer Polish language courses for foreigners at all levels from the basics up to advanced, i.e. in accordance with ALTE guidelines from A0 to B2. In addition, we enrich our offer with exam preparation, grammar and phonetic courses (check SPECIALISED COURSES). Feel free to contact us to learn more about the options available. We encourage you to complete a free language competence test (CHECK YOUR LEVEL) and to arrange a casual conversation. SELECT A GROUP COURSE FOR YOURSELF. We warmly invite you!


Tailor-made courses


Choose a level and date


B1 certificate


Certainty in learning


Choose a level and date


Effective learning


Convenient and time-saving


if you do not find a course to match your expectations, call us and we will sort it out.

–  Polish? We make it possible –

LevelDescriptionDatesHoursDurationPriceModuleSign Up
1 (A0)
(2 x a week)
survivalTue, Thu5 - 6.45 PM31.03 - 21.05690 zł32-lessonssign up
2 (A0+)
(2 x a week)
survival +Mon, Wed7 - 8.30 PM30.03 - 25.05690zł32-lessonssign up
2 (A0+)
(2 x a week)
survival +Mon, Wed5.25 - 6.55 PM18.03 - 13.05690 zł32-lessonssign up
3 (A1.1)
(2 x a week)
beginnerMon, Wed7 - 8.30 PM23.03 - 18.05690 zł32-lessonssign up
4 (A1.2)
(2 x a week)
beginner (4)Mon, Wed5.15 - 6.45 PM1.04 - 27.05690zł32-lessonssign up
5 (A1.3)
semi- intensive
(3 x a week)
beginner (5)Mon, Wed, Fri5.15 - 6.45 PM26.02 - 1.04690zł32-lessonssign up
6 (A1.4)
(2 x a week)
beginner (6)Tue, Thu7 - 8.30 PM26.03 - 19.05690 zł32-lessonssign up
6 (A1.4)
(2 x a week)
beginner (6)Tue, Thu7 - 8.30 PM13.02 - 7.04690 zł32-lessonssign up
7 (A2.1)
(2 x a week)
pre intermediate (7)Mon, Wed5.15 - 6.45 PM12.02 - 6.04690 zł32-lessonssign up
7 (A2.1)
(2 x a week)
pre intermediateTue, Thru7 - 8.30 PM24.03 - 14.05690 zł32-lessonssign up
10 (A2.4)
(2 x a week)
intermediate (10)Tue, Thu5.15 - 6.45 PM24.03 - 14.05690 zł32-lessonssign up
11 (A2.5)
(2 x a week)
intermediate (11)Mon, Wed7 - 8.30 PM19.02 - 15.04690zł32-lessonssign up
13 (B1.2)
(2 x a week)
uper intermediate (13)Mon, Wed7 - 8.30 PM1.04 - 27.05690 zł32-lessonssign up
15 (B1.4)
(2 x a week)
uper intermediate+Tue, Thru7 - 8.30 PM24.03 - 14.05690 zł32-lessonssign up
16 (B2)
(1 x a week)
advancedFriday6 - 8 PM22.02 - 15.05690 zł32-lessonssign up
A2 GRAMMARpart IIFri6 - 8 PM28.02 - 27.03300 zł10 hourssign up


Thank you for your interest in our individual classes. This option is the most effective and beneficial way to learn Polish as a foreign language, and because of its personalized form you can adjust it to your needs. Please have a look below for more information.
Place: chosen by you
Time: suitable for your daily routine
Intensity : adjusted to your needs

Please also note:

  • Prior to the course, please take a placement test. It will allow us to precisely verify your command of  the Polish language and choose appropriate teaching methods. All levels from basic/beginner to advanced are available.
  • You have the right to cancel your class or reschedule it free of charge before 4 pm the day before the class.
  • Each course’s module must be used within 6 months from the date of purchase.
  • With a one-time rate for the course consists of 45 lessons (4 320zł) – a coursebook is for free.


Individual Standard Courses :

1 class – 60 min.1 class – 90 min.
1 class

(1 -5 h)

100 PLN150 PLN
1 class

Course 20h

 96 zł

1 920 zł

144 zł

2 880 PLN


30 Days Around Polish (Intensive Course)

This course is recommended to those students who want to practice intensively and expect a bargain price.
1 class – 60 min.
1 class  – 60 minutes        89 PLN
Course 30 classes      2 670 PLN

The 30-hour module is to be used within 30 days from the first lesson


Skype Course

1 class – 60 min.
1 class89 PLN


In order to check the courses available now, click here.  Check us now! We are the best place to learn Polish as a foreign language in Warsaw.

Thank you for your interest in a group course. Please bear in mind the following information:

  • Prior to the first Polish lesson, please take a placement test. It will allow us to precisely verify your command of Polish and choose a class for you.
  • If possible, please visit our school in order to discuss your needs and expectations concerning the course.
  • We are ready to open a group course any time when at least 4 students enroll.
  • Place of the course – at KLUB DIALOGU or at a specified place chosen by the group.
  • Bring your friends – we will organize a course especially for you! There is the opportunity to negotiate the price.

Group Courses

32 lesson hours (45 min.) module
Standard (4 – 7 people)690 zł
Mini Grupa (3 people)900 zł
Duo (2 people)1250 zł


The schedule of summer classes will be available in April 2020.

Check out the regular classes here.


Preparation course for the certificate of Knowledge of Polish as a Foreign Language at B1 level

Are you applying for Polish citizenship?

Do you need a certificate proving your knowledge of the Polish language?

Do you want to know what your strengths are and what you should work on?

We offer preparation courses for the certificate of the State Commission on the Certification of Knowledge of Polish as a Foreign Language.

The courses are run in individual or group classes.

Benefits of participating in our course:

  • You will get acquainted with the exam formula and practice task solving techniques;
  • Check your strengths and weaknesses during practical exercises in all areas of the exam, such as reading, listening, comprehension, speaking, grammar and writing;
  • Fill in the gaps with the help and practical advice of experienced teachers;
  • You can check yourself whilst doing mock exams;
  • You will receive individual feedback regarding your language skills.

The advantage of our course is the maximum use of time in the lesson whilst also working on your own at home. An important element will be the written exercises for the written part – posted and checked on the platform.

During the course, we use proprietary materials prepared by the school as well as grammar and test textbooks. Manuals are available for purchase at school.

Exam dates in 2019:

  • 9 – 10 March: levels B1, B2 and C1
  • 15 -16 June: levels B1, B2 and C1
  • 23 – 24 November: levels A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2


We invite you to the course:

  • In a small group of 4-7 people,
  • 52 hours (60min.),
  • Duration: 11.03 – 12.06
  • Fee for the course: PLN 1450 + textbooks

ATTENTION! It is always worth checking the availability of exam seats in the Examination Centers beforehand. More information about the certificate (HERE) and Examination Centers (HERE).


An outstanding, tailor-made PROGRAM for those foreigners who would like to deepen their knowledge of the Polish language, culture & tradition. or call +48 664 788 004


A letter from the owner of KLUB DIALOGU School

– Wioletta Kunicka-Kajczuk





Dear students!

There is no indication that we will leave our safe apartments quickly and meet at school. It is a difficult and painful situation for us, also because of how many people have already been affected by the disease itself or its effects. We work hard everyday to ensure that your Polish language learning process is not interrupted. As before, you can count on online lessons prepared by our team with full responsibility, the best knowledge and passion, which, as you know, has never been lacking in our school. Our priority now is to remotely maintain the process of teaching Polish as a foreign language and limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Don’t lose touch with the Polish language

A situation where all schools are closed and traditional teaching is not possible, builds a sense of responsibility for ones own learning. Experts predict that returning back to “normality” will not happen soon, which is why the Polish Language School KLUB DIALOGU has taken the necessary steps to fully prepare for online teaching.

Each of us has had the experience of losing acquired language skills when they are not used. This is not a magical phenomenon, that’s just how our brain works. If your goal is to use Polish on a regular basis – online courses are currently the most appropriate.

Don’t lose touch with friends

Of course, both students and teachers are of the opinion that nothing can replace direct contact, but in such times, the argument of safety of our health and life is indisputable!

That is why KLUB DIALOGU school has adapted its Polish language learning program to carry out both individual and group online lessons. Both forms have many benefits. Individual lessons respond to the specific needs of the student, but it is during group classes that students learn from each other, make friends, willingly help each other in learning and encourage one another to work at home. This is still happening now, though, albeit online! Hence, it is not worth giving up these lessons, even at the expense of technical problems that occur from time to time.

Have fun online

Our online Polish lessons are not monotonous! Teachers have many different skills and ways of teaching at their disposition. We are still using the program course book, which we enrich with presentations, audio and video recordings, games and quizzes prepared with special applications and tools. In a word, our online Polish courses are really interesting!

In addition, materials made available during the lesson can be reused again – after saving them on a computer or phone – to repeat, read a dialogue or listen to audio at any time.

A difficult situation does not have to be hopeless. This new experience can only enrich learning Polish as a foreign language, and in the future it will be perfect for: departure, illness, lack of time, and so on.

We are here for you.


Wioletta Kunicka-Kajczuk

– Polish? We made it possible! –

Contact us: here