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A letter from the owner of KLUB DIALOGU School

– Wioletta Kunicka-Kajczuk





Dear students!

There is no indication that we will leave our safe apartments quickly and meet at school. It is a difficult and painful situation for us, also because of how many people have already been affected by the disease itself or its effects. We work hard everyday to ensure that your Polish language learning process is not interrupted. As before, you can count on online lessons prepared by our team with full responsibility, the best knowledge and passion, which, as you know, has never been lacking in our school. Our priority now is to remotely maintain the process of teaching Polish as a foreign language and limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Don’t lose touch with the Polish language

A situation where all schools are closed and traditional teaching is not possible, builds a sense of responsibility for ones own learning. Experts predict that returning back to “normality” will not happen soon, which is why the Polish Language School KLUB DIALOGU has taken the necessary steps to fully prepare for online teaching.

Each of us has had the experience of losing acquired language skills when they are not used. This is not a magical phenomenon, that’s just how our brain works. If your goal is to use Polish on a regular basis – online courses are currently the most appropriate.

Don’t lose touch with friends

Of course, both students and teachers are of the opinion that nothing can replace direct contact, but in such times, the argument of safety of our health and life is indisputable!

That is why KLUB DIALOGU school has adapted its Polish language learning program to carry out both individual and group online lessons. Both forms have many benefits. Individual lessons respond to the specific needs of the student, but it is during group classes that students learn from each other, make friends, willingly help each other in learning and encourage one another to work at home. This is still happening now, though, albeit online! Hence, it is not worth giving up these lessons, even at the expense of technical problems that occur from time to time.

Have fun online

Our online Polish lessons are not monotonous! Teachers have many different skills and ways of teaching at their disposition. We are still using the program course book, which we enrich with presentations, audio and video recordings, games and quizzes prepared with special applications and tools. In a word, our online Polish courses are really interesting!

In addition, materials made available during the lesson can be reused again – after saving them on a computer or phone – to repeat, read a dialogue or listen to audio at any time.

A difficult situation does not have to be hopeless. This new experience can only enrich learning Polish as a foreign language, and in the future it will be perfect for: departure, illness, lack of time, and so on.

We are here for you.


Wioletta Kunicka-Kajczuk

– Polish? We made it possible! –

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