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Thank you for completing the test and registering at KLUB DIALOGU Language School, Polish for Foreigners.

We will contact you within max. 8 hours in order to give you your results and discuss the suitable Polish courses we have available for you.


ONLY FROM OCTOBER TO DECEMBER, each course costs only 690 PLN (regular price – 735 PLN).

If you decide to purchase two courses straight away, you will get a price guarantee of 680 PLN per course (1360 PLN in total).

But there’s more! We have one more gift for you.

If you buy a package of 2 courses, you`ll have the chance to buy phonetics/grammar lessons (max 4h) for only 85 PLN/h (regular price – 100 PLN/h).

The promotion includes courses starting from October to January 2019.

Bare in mind! The Christmas break lasts from December 24th 2018 – January 2nd 2019 (the school does not give lessons during this period).

We are available Mon. – Fri. 9 am – 5 pm

Mobile: +(48) 664 788 004

Warsaw big and small

Probably you have already visited many tourist attractions in our capital city, but we hope we can still surprise you with some interesting facts about the city where we live…

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