Klub Dialogu

Courage and strength,

To make you take up your goals and changes,

Which from the first sight seem to be difficult,

But they are dreamed afterwards!


Completing your plans,

New dreams,

And more inspirations,

Which, like a wave pushes a ship,

Push your life forward.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

All the best from teachers and staff of

KLUB DIALOGU Polish Language School

On Friday, our students and teachers alike warmly came together at school to celebrate Christmas at our Christmas event. This was a unique opportunity for our staff to share all their Christmas traditions from Poland, and for our students to learn about the special Polish customs!

Our main event was food tasting – the Christmas Eve meal on 24th December in Poland consists of 12 dishes, savoury and sweet, all of which our students had the chance to sample. Along with each dish was a presentation elucidating what it is as well as some history about it, in both English and Polish 🙂

The next activity was decorating gingerbread; a chance to be artistic and create something both beautiful and delicious. This is another big tradition for us in Poland…

Finally, at the end, our very own Santa Claus – Piotr, came to visit us, bearing small gifts to us all! Some of our students also brought small gifts and cards for us – thank you so much!

Coincidentally, we also had 3 birthdays to celebrate on the same day! Our wonderful owner Wiola, and also Maher and Arash.

It was a really amazing event, and a great way to start off Christmas festivities! Thank you to everyone who attended to make it a memorable and extraordinary event!!

We`d appreciate if you`d share with us your customs and traditions for the Christmas period. We`ll be pleased to post it on our FB page!

How To Learn Polish In The Least Costly Manner?

KLUB DIALOGU gives out gifts not only for Christmas.
Sign up in advance in December for a course at your level starting in January and take advantage of the Christmas promotion!

in December prices drop down amazingly! All course for only 680 zł.

How are you going to benefit?
@ The majority of your savings will stay in your pocket, because we guarantee that you’ll get the same price for your next stage.
@ By the way, learning will be fun and an adventure  😊

Remember that time and the number of places are limited.

Check out the schedule on Courses&Prices section and sign up today.

Do you still believe in Santa Claus?! For us it’s a YES! 😊
Therefore, just like every year, he will come to our school.
Come along for a special and unique event!

When: 15th Dec, 5.30 PM

Where: KLUB DIALOGU School

During the meeting:
• You will try traditional Polish dishes from Christmas Eve;
• Together we will make Christmas decorations;
• We will sing traditional Polish carols;
• Do you know that… ? (Christmas Trivia from the World).

In addition, it’ll be a unique opportunity to see our school, and meet teachers and other students. See how we celebrate Christmas in Poland. Tell us your story.
Come with friends and family. KLUB DIALOGU is waiting for you.

All presents for children from the Social Assistance Centre in Bemowo have turned up to our School! All thanks to our generous students, an incredible 20 gifts (!) were prepared. They will be handed out during the Christmas Party in the Center.

As with every year, this Charity Action was supported by people with a warm heart. We are very proud that KLUB DIALOGU, along with its students, could be a part of it.

Therefore, we’d like to once more warmly thank: Miha and Ana from Slovenia, Irene, Tamara and Igor from Ukraine, Sonia from Spain, Anju from India, Vaka from Iceland, Egle from Latvia, Miguel from Italy and KLUB DIALOGU staff: Violetta, Piotr, Sandra, Sylwia, Agata, Oksana and Dorota!

We are very proud that one of our great teachers, Magda Chabiera, takes part in a regular broadcast on Polish Radio 2. In the broadcast, the experts and researchers of literature talk about the role and importance of literature in our lives and in creating our opinions.

The starting point for the broadcast is a book developed by prof. Jan Tomkowski titled: “Polish essay literary. Anthology”, which consists of 40 essays written by the most famous Polish authors like Cyprian Kamil Norwid and Jarosław Rymkiewicz.

Congratulations to you Magda! Keep going and sharing your passion with our students!

Our students are the best!

We`d like to wholeheartedly thank our students for creating a fantastic atmosphere during the ‚Independence Day’ event in KLUB DIALOGU school last Friday (10th Nov).

Everyone came together to not only play charades and watch a short historical movie, but everyone was also very involved in the Millionaire quiz! Questions touched upon many aspects of Polish culture, lifestyle, and history, but all our students went through it perfectly! Eventually, Pavel from Belarus won the main prize, which was a 200zł voucher for his next course.

Among the other winners were Anju from India and Jaime from Spain; we are proud of all of you, because of your vast knowledge of Poland and Polish!


The article appeared in THECULTURETRIP.COM Website, October 2017

The Polish language is one of the most beautiful in the world, yet it is a language that doesn’t attract anywhere near the quantity of first-time learners as it should. Most tourists to Poland barely get beyond a few sentences and some ex-Patriots who have lived in Poland for over five years can still not even order a meal in a restaurant without having to use some English. However, there are no shortage of options and learning Polish can be organised easily and professionally at any of these language schools. So challenge yourself – try a Polish course and get to grips with one of the most poetic languages in the world.

Klub Dialogu, Warsaw

Situated on Ulica Ordynacka just off Warsaw’s swanky “Nowy Świat” (New World), Klub Dialogu is one of the best Polish language schools in the country. The organisation is superb with a bumper timetable for students with extra curricular activities such as barbecues by the river, invites to theatrical performances and cinema screenings, cycling events and presentations by staff and students. The school also uses their own books and has a range of teachers from basic level right up to those on the verge of fluent Polish. There is an impressive blog on their website, which is often written by their students.

13 Ordynacka street flat. 5, 00-364 Warszawa, Poland, +48 664 788 004

Read more here.

On Sunday 3rd September, Klub Dialogu school was an integral part of the 8th International Family Picnic, as organised by The Belgian Business Chamber together with Advantage Austria in Poland – Commercial Section of the Austrian Embassy and the Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce. The event took place in Musuły and, despite the weather not necessarily being in our favour, was attended by nearly 400 people!

We set up outside, coats on with warm tea but smiling all the while. We had our own area with a table full of fun games, books and activities (all to be conducted all in Polish of course)! Children and adults came over to play our Polish games and some also grabbed the opportunity to take part in our small Polish lesson that we planned.

Overall, it was a really great day! We want to thank everyone who participated in this enjoyable and enriching experience. See you next time!

On the evening of Friday 1st September, Klub Dialogu school hosted a fun-filled, fantastic Northern Irish Evening (run and presented by Jonny, one of our students)!

The event consisted of a presentation about Northern Ireland, which included facts about its geographical structure, the history of Ireland and the subsequent divide, about famous people and not to mention interesting, quintessential Northern Irish cuisine!

Following this, there was an interactive quiz based on the facts we learnt, in which everyone who attended took part, with a prize of a Northern Irish beer at the end! Then came beer tasting and a trip to a traditional Irish pub to sample more Irish beer and to watch the football (actually, we watched 2 football matches simultaneously! Poland vs Denmark, and Northern Ireland vs San Marino).

Thank you to everyone who attended, and again to Jonny for organising an extraordinary event 🙂