Klub Dialogu

April, 23rd (Sunday), 4 p.m.

We cordially invite you to KLUB DIALOGU School for a unique event: <Ukrainian Evening>. The event is organized by Ukrainian Students who study in Poland and who are eager to show you their culture and traditions.  They will present their traditional songs, handmade art and cuisine. Many competitions are also planned.

Join us, have fun, meet new friends and learn more about the Ukrainian nation and people.

13.04 (Thursday), 8pm
“Influenz”, dir. Łukasz Barczyk, 2014, 110’

This time MURANÓW Cinema invites us for a film “Influenz”.
Greater Poland Uprising – the only successful uprising in the history of Poland that resulted in the restoration of the Polish State after 123 years. The uprising begun with the visit of Ignacy Paderewski, a great pianist, to the Bazar Hotel. Dr Abuse, a clairvoyant (played by an American actor Crispin Glover also known from “Back to the future” “Charlie’s Angels” and “Wild at heart”) tries to stop him by making Paderewski believe he has symptoms of the Spanish flu, which between 1918 and 1919 killed more people than died in WWI. This is going to be a fight of both cannons and spirits. Łukasz Barczyk captures a legend of the uprising not only through historical reconstruction of events but also by looking into the world of phantasy, spirituality, and the general atmosphere of that period. Made for a tremendous amount of 25 Million PLN, the film dazzles with costumes, set design and special effects. One of the most original and stylish Polish film in the last few years.

On Friday 24-th of March 2017 students and friends of KLUB DIALOGU could have visited an outstanding exhibition <COVERED/UNCOVERED Men and Women in Muslim Societies>. One of our students – Mohamed provided us with an insight to Muslims` lives.

We were introduced to traditional costumes, pottery, weapons and lifestyle. At the end Mohamed invited us for some delicious, national food and drink.

We would like to say thank you to all the people involved in organizing this event: Mohamed, Cultivate Foundation, Museum and all our guests !

Most of you already know us! But people often ponder on proper school to study Polish language at. For this reason we have decided to present ourselves :). The 9th of March 2017 a new campaign was launched on FB www.facebook.com/klubdialogu. Now you can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYGAggcun-IbDEWfHj6Eb5w

We wish all womens all the best ! 🙂

Our new courses have taken off. Are you up for it? Don`t drag your heels and sign up now 🙂

KLUB DIALOGU together with Cultivate Foundation, would like to invite you to the outstanding exhibition: <COVERED / UNCOVERED, Man and Woman in traditional Muslim societies>.

The exhibition dedicated specially for all Friends of KLUB DIALOGU School will be held on Friday, March 24th 2017, at 4 – 6 p.m.

The itinerary of the event:

Place: The Asian and Pacific Museum, 24 Solec street, Warsaw.

Please note, that the confirmation is required.  Tickets of 10 zł (adults) and 5 zł (children) are available at KLUB DIALOGU School, at work hours.

Cultivate Foundation stands for supporting tolerance, equality and mutual understanding for different cultures.

Next screening in Polish Films For Foreigners programme will take place at February 14th, Nove Kino Wisła, 9 P.M. They will screen for you with English subtitles

ART OF LOVING by Maria Sadowska

film biography of Michalina Wisłocka, first authoress who published a book about sex behind the Red Curtain (in 1976). Before screening there will be drawn some prizes!

“The Art of Loving” tells the story of Michalina Wisłocka, a woman who achieved the impossible. Disposing of conservative stereotypes and pervasive ignorance, Wisłocka revolutionized the sexual life of the whole country. And she did all that with a book. „The Art of Loving: The Story of Michalina Wislocka” is a film about a doctor and the author of the most popular Polish guide to sexual life. We follow Michalina’s story through three different stages of her life that led to writing of “The Art of Loving”.

Tickets: 16 zł

Happy New Dreams, Happy New Days, Happy New Desires,

Happy New Ways, Happy New Year, Happy New You ! 🙂