A PROGRAM is for those foreigners who need to get a visa and would like to deepen their knowledge of the Polish language, culture & tradition.

PROGRAM conditions:

  • PROGRAM contains of  90- lesson hours (45 min.) of the Polish language course.
  • The participant of the PROGRAM can join any of 3, 30-lesson hour courses available at KLUB DIALOGU School suitable to their level, according to the schedule available on http://learnpolishinwarsaw.pl/en/kursy-i-cennik/.
  • There is a possibility of taking part in workshops and events on Polish tradition & culture.
  • KLUB DIALOGU Language School, Polish for Foreigners issues a  Confirmation Letter of Attendance in the 1 YEAR PROGRAM of POLISH LANGUAGE AND CULTURE, 90 lesson hours per 1 year.
  • All indicated hours are to be completed during the limited time specified on the Confirmation Letter.


  • The fee for the 1 YEAR PROGRAM of POLISH LANGUAGE AND CULTURE is 2.600 zł (= 650 € = 810 $) and has to be paid at once.
  • The fee includes the fee for the Polish language courses (90- lesson hours) and suitable coursebooks.
  • Some extra costs concerning workshops (e. g. museum tickets, guide, Polish lunch) are paid additionally.
  • A student has a right to terminate the PROGRAM before it starts. Termination shall be made in writing by e-mail. KLUB DIALOGU School will reimburse the fee paid for the PROGRAM after the deduction of administrative costs of 300 zł.

Step by step - How to proceed entering the PROGRAM?

1/ Please, contact us and notify us of your willingness to participate in the PROGRAM

2/ Made a payment on the Bank Account:
mBank S.A.
Mickiewicza 10, 90-050 Łódź
Account No: 48 1140 2004 0000 3402 3476 4523.

3/ Once the payment is fully settled and the money is on our account a receipt and a Confirmation Letter confirming your participation in the PROGRAM will be issued and delivered to you.

4/ Please enroll in a course provided by KLUB DIALOGU. The current schedule is submitted on http://learnpolishinwarsaw.pl/courses-and-prices/.

5/ Please be aware that 90-lesson hours of Polish classes have to be used within 1 year, so after completing one course you will be asked to sign up for the next one.